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Welcome to nexten:

Nexten is a one stop design firm based in Toronto Canada, focusing on product design & development and consultancy services.

At Nexten, we are good at transforming the ideas to real world products. The Nexten team includes a group of dynamic and result-oriented talents with strong international backgrounds. Product development in Toronto, partner with the qualified manufacturers in Asia. As the result, we can provide one stop turn-key solution for the both cooperates and start-ups.

Our team boasts a wide-range experience in product design and development sphere and helps our clients create products with a strong conceptual grounding. From concept to market, Nexten provides cutting-edge solutions for project. We specialize in rapid, cost-effective project development of client needs, utilizing modern design and manufacturing techniques. to help them transforms your ideas into reality.

We have been empowering with simplicity and usability in mind for timeless beauty, provide the most effective solution packages to overcome the challenges.

During the development we are paying closely attention to design for ergonomic, design for disassembly, energy savings, applying natural materials, simple manufacturing processes, improving working condition, design for recycling, and design for sustainability. We are constantly pushing the limits of design through innovative design methodologies and a cost-driven approach to product development, ensuring maximum ROI for our clients.

We incorporates a transparent and global perspective to product design. This enables us to provide the best and the most profitable solution that can be an instant success in today’s market.

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